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 Great Games.. that Envy- sucks at

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PostSubject: Re: Great Games.. that Envy- sucks at   Sun 5 Sep 2010 - 6:15

Envy- wrote:
Blaxter wrote:
Bla bla bla, u know, what i read here, is "I SUX AT THIS GAME OK!!!!!" good thing u admidt it;)
Why oh why don't I go miss you forever?

Legendel wrote:
I did the centaurs, and the rescue girl miss, on chap 4 when I cba to continue.. heh. you just suck envy Wink

Couldn't be assed to do the grinding necessary to do the rescue-mission.Centaur's at the very least were do-able even if they were very prone to glitch.

nay grinding required. If you played the game right from the begining, then you'd be able to kill em from your current level.
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Great Games.. that Envy- sucks at
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