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 TNTs guide to FO

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PostSubject: TNTs guide to FO   Sat 26 Jun 2010 - 11:00

The Forward Observer is the most powerful MOS in game, go argue with that Twisted Evil. No other class can do ~18k dmg for 10 mana cost/cooldown. the only thing a FO truly need is a heal item, ground flare and batts. but if u can pick him it shouldnt be a problem for you. Also the -15% xp reduction is rediculous when fo is used properly, since he would makes the game 100x easier.
He's very porwerful in mid and late game. Also getting rifle butt and burst fire at start makes him good support for start also.


Zombie Modes:
I use the FO as crowd control class with -s X -r X00 and 3<X<8. When playing FO u need to keep this things in mind: how many ennemies there are, and where they are going to be when the bomb are gonna drop on their head. 10 sec is about the time taken by a pudge to walk my screen (I use -v 30).
Always get bino at lvl 1 to scout stuff. You NEED to know the zombies spawns during convoy. When its camp time throw some flares and plant some cams. Vision is your weapon Twisted Evil
FMing boss: i don't do it. simply because u can gun down easy a pudge, blow it with nades, rockets, ec... and for stronger stuff u have airstrike and CAS.
WP: should be used against large ammount of weak zombies and not boss.
Illum round: useless. flare gun last longer. damage is rediculous.
Orbital Arty: shell waste
CAS: i dont use it that much. why? first because unlike in umb mode it has a very little sight range and he wont use his machine gun. second because its kills doesnt count as mines Evil or Very Mad

Skill build:
lvl 1 bino, lvl 1 rangefinder, lvl 1 fm, lvl 2 RF,lvl 3 RF, lvl 2 fm, lvl 4 RF, lvl 3 fm and so on. when your done with fm skill bino.

Umb Mode:
FOs job is to take down large squads, and eventually secondary cam guy.

Skill build:
lvl 1 bino, lvl 2 bino, lvl 1 RF, lvl 2 RF, lvl 3 RF, lvl 3 bino, lvl 4 RF, lvl 4 bino then max OA.

Why OA only after lvl 8?
  1. maxed bino is awesome, really
  2. wasting 10 shells for 1 nc and 3 flamers is stupid, better used on multiple DCs, CEs, assmen or DM
  3. there will be only 2 or 3 large squads before you get it, and most of the time they will have no assman, and remember you have CAS, eventually WP.


Items you need:
  • Saline (or med) now matter how pro u are, you will alway stop looking at ur dude for a moment = tank. oh and btw. if your carrying medkit, heal other ppl ffs. its fucking annoying to die because theres a fucking cyborg or ghost whoring all medkits and not sharing them.
  • Armor: same reason
  • Batts
  • Ground flare
  • Smoke nade and/or flare gun
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PostSubject: Re: TNTs guide to FO   Sat 26 Jun 2010 - 11:40

you are right about FO but in umb game he is bad but like you said it can give support.the FM is no good in umb but can be use to scare umb back and WP is just a trap for umb as they are more then happy to walk into it study.

i would use -s 10 -r 800 for cony mission and carpet bomb at the top...those police will die anyway king also clearing SG is another easy one for FO pirat.

carpet bomb is also good for darr but you will need help with dropping max smoke and flares bom.
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PostSubject: Re: TNTs guide to FO   Sat 26 Jun 2010 - 22:42


But if I am to say somthing about this text...

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PostSubject: Re: TNTs guide to FO   Wed 30 Jun 2010 - 11:42

Noice work on the guide lol!

Quote :
Illum round: useless. flare gun last longer

Its useful if you aint got flare or smoke but make sure you use -s 1-2 but other than that I agree sunny
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PostSubject: Re: TNTs guide to FO   

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TNTs guide to FO
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