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 Undead Assault 3 guide

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PostSubject: Undead Assault 3 guide   Tue 11 Feb 2014 - 17:14

this a rough run through ua3 for new guy that have play ua2 before cheers 

the game is kinda same as ua2 with all kind of mission from the ua2 thrown into ua3 plus other new one too so the game its harder and the zombies are alot faster..this is recu mode guide cherry.

new guy - when game start you can vote for mode then can pick rifleman or combat med..most newbie will pick med but in ua3 its best to pick rifle and leave the med for other player with some game time.

control panel - now you in game so you have many icon for quick play and work like hotkeys..there is a large box with TL/SA/W/SQ..that box has some hotkeys build in so no longer need to type -tl or -save also it show your stats..some might need check the simple game play in the option to open the other window for moving and jumping just like pressing Z+A or other.

game start and you have pick rifleman and you start with 1 lvl up so what should you lvl 1st..you can lvl fire speed which will give you some killing power or lvl basic training which will give self heal the choice is your's..next to join the fire team (FT) it share your vision so if any problem or need some backup then other will be able to see where you are..FT is at bottom left of the mini map click open and join the team or make your own if you playing in group.

so now you have pick your lvl up plus join the FT and you are ready to kill some zombies bom.

warm up - the game start with contact KLM at mayor's place (blue ping on mini map) then placing sentry gun..the spawn point of the guns are at top northwest of town/south west before the river or the game start point/east side of ballaa and 2 spawn at south of the RA..after placing guns its can spawn power mission or boss..power mission is same as SG mission and kill 2 boss if boss mission.

now you have warmup and know how the hotkeys works plus sprint/jump and other stuff so lets go Smile.

Chapter 1 Fear

at this time you should be in east side of town lvling or hero around for WC..you have 6 box to carry stuff with 2 box for weapon (W) and armor (A)..your weapon/armor have tobe in those box and if they are taken then you wont be able to pickup weapon/armor..rifleman have some nice weapon in ua3 which are HK42/SOF/USMC/STAYER they each give different buff so pick wisely Laughing.

Fear mission - convoy/protect mayor/protect farmer/save civs.
Bonus mission - power 3 gen/kill 5 aprin/escort adu.

a boss will spawn on each mission with few puds as well.

Chapter 2 Killing or Valor

at this time you should have found a flash light and few other items to use cuz the next few boss is badass Twisted Evil..if the dark mission then you have to kill the boss before it will light up again (those have play NOTD AM will know this mission) when you get pull by boss you should always ping where you been pull to so other will know where the boss is at and you sprint back to east side of town or the fog which you have to camp it out till fog go away and there is also a boss in the fog too..the fog can happen in later in the game too.

Killing mission - darkness with pulling boss/fog with pulling bug/escort saber 6

valor can be nice xp if your team have the setup ready which is kinda 2 mission into 1 so now you should be in east side of town or go protect the convoy civs which spawn from south of RA and escort them to town then the other mission come in which is another protect convoy mission and its at the south east of ballaa and escort them to town for civs pickup then portect them to exit point..each truck will give around 120x4 its like few 100 xp just that mission alone or saber 6 where you have to escort them around the map to pickup all the alive police/civs and head to port which is the end of chapter 2 and start of chapter 3.

Valor mission - air boss/darr/boss at escort civs/convoy.

Chapter 3 Love

you land at the back or infront of airport so if saber 6 mission then you have to cover them while the meeting take place and more police will be drop off to help you..you should have all the items and weapon you need by now..chapter 3 is busy one and it can end the game if play badly so after meeting and few pud/boss are killed the next mission come in which can be killing PMC sniper (umb DM) or protect the tank and seach the RA outpost then get the sciencetist from the RA center and escort them to ship..other mission also can be trigger like disarm silo/seach town/protect the becon and while those mission are in sometime the fog can kick in which make the mission abit hard No.

failing silo will end with nuke and you lose..at protect the becon mission mass puds will spawn and last 2 main boss will come..killing them=win king.

Love mission - protect port while meeting take place/seach RA outpost and center/seach town/disarm silo/kill PMC DM/protect becon and protect tank.

hope this give an idea of gameplay of ua3 and it might have some wrong stuff or wrong mission time but its kinda all there..to get the full story you have to play it yourself study.

other feel free to add stuff i miss out..i hope someone will write a full guide for this but it dose take a long time so any one can give some time and write one up I love you.
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Undead Assault 3 guide
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