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 Undead Assault 3 advance guide

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PostSubject: Undead Assault 3 advance guide   Thu 27 Feb 2014 - 15:26

been play alot of recu/norm/noob games so maybe its time we move on to hard mode which bring me to write this study.

i would say start the game with 10+ players and make sure you pick a role and share SI buff.

your team should have 2 med/2 AR/1 sfaat/1 jeve gunner/1 PT/1 CE/1 DM then can have brog or ghost or even fire support.

picking SI is important as it share the buff in the team and joining FT too..make sure you have 4 groups which are fire team/mission team/ress team and defence team.

fire team should have 2 ar/1 med/1 flamer/buff leader..buff leader will need pick SI which give speed and fire rates..med use drugs on AR to take down boss and speed to bug out when things get abit hot.

mission team should have fast runner so 2-3 guys in that team would be rifleman/brog/JG.

ress team should have 1 med/brog/PT.

defence team should have sfaat/ce/med.

so how would i play this hard mode is as follow but those have other ideas can add to it king.

game start with defence team heading to thal..sfaat setup LN so set the ping inside the fance so they shooting at a chock point also they are safe and CE in town too and setup 1 barr to pull zombies so the LN can tank them..once the LN group up then sfaat can pick out 4 mini to use..i would have 2 ce/1 rifle/dm or AR but life isnt that nice so pick what is there..ce have guns too so can help out the back 2 way in.

mission team will be heading to mayor..conduct with KLM and be ready for gun/power mission..fast action is the goal of mission team..the mission team must be pro players as you will be pulling boss for the fire team bom.

we always have tobe ahead of the mission time but use the time thats given in each mission..most mission is 4 mins so make sure you let other move in place before you complete the mission or use the time to tank some xp/lvl up.

once sfaat have get many LN in town then PT should swap place with sfaat as the PT will give buff like leadership to LN and make them shot faster and sfaat can give buff to his own team or other team..i would use PT with LN cuz PT got des to lower armor of boss for LN to tank and sfaat will have 4 minis to cover med which in turn release brog to join other team.

this is just some ideas of my game play but its not fail safe in any means..alot more work needed to beat the hard mode and being SAR i am sure we can do it very soon Rolling Eyes

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PostSubject: Re: Undead Assault 3 advance guide   Sat 1 Mar 2014 - 0:22

Sure, I'll go cm in rez/def team

Also if it's a rescue civs mission, you got about 1:30 walking time to town, best to leave around 2 min mark to make sure you can make it regardless of some civs left behind
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PostSubject: Re: Undead Assault 3 advance guide   Sat 1 Mar 2014 - 16:56

its good leg mention the civs king those mission give alot of xp if play wise.

keeping all the civs alive in thal/town will be hard cuz miner or thantno spawn near thal/town then it will wipe out many civs/police so it would be wise tobe ready for them or pull them away from thal/town if FT is not close by..there is only few boss that can really mess up the game and other are just meat for tanker to splash lead all over it Very Happy.

once convoy near exit point i would sent DT to those ginn civs hill then the rest can finish off convoy then next mission will kick in around 10-20 sec which will give time for those covering convoy to move into place incase ginn civs kicks in..whoever was covering convoy now move to the river crossing to make a save path for the ginn civs to pass and head to thal study.

so now the defence team is covering the back of ginn civs and when they have reach the river crossing the other team can take over so release the DT to goto mayor..just wait it out with them till plane come for him and once his moving the DT can start heading back to thal/town..MT would have done the highlander by now so head back for next mission to kick in.

refugee mission is rather easy and keep those civs/police alive is not let them stop moving and each time they spawn a boss will follow and its only 2 place that they attack..one is the large open way and the river crossing but if those points are cover then i would say we get them all which is a very nice xp reward Laughing there is 4 groups and once the last group spawn and have reach the river crossing the team covering back should head for convoy start point then river crossing team should make move to point and help cover too.

game chat do really help cuz typing in this game is kinda saying we too pro and giving some handicap to the game cuz its too easy.

lol! trust me typing kills in this game so be warned lol!

KEY - FT ( Fire team ) DT ( Defence team ) MT ( Mission team ) RT ( Ress team ).
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PostSubject: Re: Undead Assault 3 advance guide   

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Undead Assault 3 advance guide
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